About Us

I’m Ashlee, the creator of Nug & Co, and I’m so glad you’re here. As a dog mum, I strive to bring comfort, functionality and style to the outdoor dog world.

I started Nug & Co, after my own dog Nug was attacked by another dog, leaving her fearful, reactive, and for us to start our training as if it were almost day 1. I needed a tool that would help us build our relationship through training and adventures, while allowing us to live our outdoor lifestyle. After 12 months of research and testing, our first product was released - the no-pull harness.

Functional, Stylish & Comfortable

Part of our mission is simply; to address the very evident gap in the market for stylish and functional pet gear. It was not only important to me to create pieces that showcased the brightness and fun that our dogs bring to our everyday life, while also being made from soft and lightweight materials that would not irritate our beloved pets skin. It was equally important to me to consider style, functionality, and sustainability. We are too often forced to buy bulky, uncomfortable accessories for our pets, that cause pain and discomfort, or that fray and break within months.

Giving Back

It isnt my only mission to help you and your pet live your best life together through providing high quality products, creating a community, and giving training advice. It is also my mission to give back and help the dogs who need it most. I have spent most of my life volunteering in shelters, and fundraising for rescues all over Australia, and that wont stop now. Which is why a portion from each sale is donated to rescue organisations all over the country, who help our four-legged friends get the care and love they need.

Thank you for being here and for letting me share our story and dreams with you. I hope you love our products as much as we do, and I cant wait to see you and your furry best friend living your best life together rocking our gear!

Ash & Nug